Making a Difference in Individuals Lives! 

The National Association of PASRR Professionals (NAPP) is comprised of caring professionals who partner together to improve the quality of long-term care for individuals with mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and related conditions. We are the federal and state agency staff who develop and implement the programs, and we are the social and human services groups that provide oversight and advocacy.  We are the nurses, social workers, doctors, and other professionals who conduct assessments, and we are the hospital and nursing facility staff caring for individuals. We are the counselors comforting those in need, and we are individuals and families with long-term care needs. We are NAPP, and with PASRR, we are improving long-term care.

Mission Statement

The National Association of PASRR Professionals (NAPP) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to advancing the profession of individuals and organizations working in the federally mandated Pre-admission Screening and Resident Review Program (PASRR).The Association addresses this mission by:

  • a.    Providing educational and training opportunities through conferences, workshops, webinars and other means that assist PASRR professionals in updating and enhancing their competencies.
  • b.    Representing the interests and concerns of PASRR professionals by monitoring and informing the membership regarding the development and implementation of state and federal policies, rules, and regulations impacting the PASRR program and the affected populations, and providing input to state and federal agencies as appropriate.
  • c.    Working in partnership with state, federal, and private agencies and other organizations with similar interests to promote the expansion and improved quality of behavioral health services for individuals with mental illnesses, substance use disorders, and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities or related conditions.
  • d.    Providing a forum for the free and open discussion of issues and exchange of professional information related to the PASRR program and the populations the program serves.
  • e.    Educating the public about the PASRR program through articles, presentations at conferences, webinars, use of electronic media, etc.

Our Goal

To provide leadership, education, resources and empowerment to and for all members so that each member can plan and implement quality PASRR functions and services within their own states to ultimately benefit residents of nursing facilities and alternative settings with mental illness and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities and related conditions. 

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